Who We Are

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Deb Holroyd is a meditation and mindfulness teacher and the creator of VB Mindful, a Virginia Beach meditation business focusing on insight meditation techniques to cultivate kindness, ease, joy and gratitude.  As a parent she has  volunteered in schools for over 20 years and has long been interested in mindfulness to support teachers and students in the classroom. Deb has a passion to bring more presence and ease to teachers, students and parents.


Victoria Brownlee is a meditation teacher, instructional coach, mindfulness coach and the creator of Creating from Within, a Greensboro, NC based mindful coaching business that provides the space for you to search for yourself and find tools within yourself to transform your life.  With over 10 years in education, Victoria is dedicated to bringing mindful tools to educators, parents, and students that improve their wellbeing.


Andra West LeBauer is a meditation teacher, mindful life coach, and the creator of Awakening Mindfulness, a Greensboro NC based mindful life coaching business that is committed to helping you cultivate and manifest your deepest intentions, and find freedom through awakening mindfulness. As a mother Andra is committed to finding ways to support teachers, children, and parents with mindfulness tools that can be utilized at home and in the classroom.